Plastic Injection Molding Quotation

Do you need a plastic injection molding quotation? Our online RFQ is made simple for fast and easy inquiry. You have 2 options as follows;

1) Contact Us directly to for initial inquiry and introduction before requesting RFQ.

2) Fill up the Online RFQ Form and submit us your initial inquiry and requirement.

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Plastic Injection Molding Quotation or Inquiry Steps

Step 1: Make initial contact by email or Online RFQ Form.

Step 2: We will review your requirements and terms and respond within 48 hours.

Step 3: Upload or email your 2D/3D CAD, mold spec and other necessary information documents by file post or email us directly.

Step 4: Our plastic Mold engineer review the files and email you the quote.

Step 5: Factory visit or Supplier Audit process. (Optional)

Step 6: Contact us for PO Processing.

Step 7: Send Part QC report and tracking info after completion.

Upon receiving your injection molding RFQ, we will review your requirements and will contact you to review your project details. In order to submit the most accurate and cost-effective quote possible we need all the required detail listed below and if we need additional information we will contact you through email. Our goal is to provide the right injection molding solution to cater you cost, quality and on time delivery requirement. If required we will can use our supply chain to outsource the injection process to maximize your profits by reducing part cost. Our standard RFQ lead time is 3 days but, it is subject to changes based on customer requirement and number of parts.

Plastic Injection Molding Quotation – Basic RFQ RequirementWe need the following details and information to understand you specification and injection molding requirement;

• Company Name and Contact Details (Must)

• Contact Person Details

• Email address

• Product Description

• End User (Optional)

• Preferred Production location

• Part details (part & runner weight, cycle time, machine tonnage, resin & etc)

• Production Quantity (monthly or yearly)

• Production Life span

• Quality requirement

• Part measurement or control point requirement

• Delivery Location and Terms

• Delivery Lot or Delivery Frequency & Quantity per delivery

• Packing details

• Other Product details (drawings, sample picture & etc)

• Mold details (Mold Spec & etc)

• Payment and credit terms

During online booking you need fill up all the marked "*" fields and then submit the form to complete the booking procedure. Confirmation information will be sent to your email.Also read our Privacy Policy, Riche Niche Groups strives to maintain the highest standards of decency, fairness and integrity in all our operations. Likewise, we are dedicated to protecting our customers', consumers' and online visitors' privacy on our website. You personal information will not be shared with others.

Plastic Injection Molding Quotation

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