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Looking for Thailand used injection molding machines? Plastic injection molding is a booming industry in Thailand. The main customers for the plastic injection molded components are; the major automobile, electrical and electronic appliance manufactures who have set up their plants in Thailand. This booming market for the plastics is the right time to expand or start a new plastic component manufacturing industry.

Starting a new venture of plastic component manufacturing industry requires a good knowledge and study of the type of target market which is aimed at. This will help to decide on the type of machine to be used for manufacture. The size of the machine required, capacity of the machine, accessories required for the machine can be determined based only on the component type and size. New entrepreneurs have the choice of investing in new injection molding machines or old refurbished machines. The selection of the machines is mainly determined by the quality of the component to be manufactured and secondly on the budgetary allocation by the entrepreneur. Plenty of used machines from manufacturers like Toshiba, Engel, Arburg, Reed, Nigata, Demaag, Husky, HPM, Cincinnati, major players from japan, Germany, USA, including the local manufacturers are available in the market.

Old Injection molding machines in particular can find their usage in areas where the products have less complexity and repeatability. Apart from this it should be necessarily verified by the buyer if the machine is in running condition or whether it needs to be overhauled in order to put it into use. Purchasing the used machine from a seller who sells the machine after overhauling it would be really a best buy. Trying to find such a seller would be a good idea. Further if the seller is willing to show a production trial on the machine, which would be the best deal possible. Try to find a seller in Thailand as much as possible, since any breakdowns or services to the machine can be easily attended to. The availability of spares for the machine can also be dealt with the local seller at Thailand.

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a world class used injection molding machine supplier with in-house capabilities to repair, maintain and modify injection molding machines efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. We have hands on experience in bringing used injection molding machines to the best running condition. We are also proud of having supplied used machines to many customers in countries like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia and many south east Asian countries. We are also a prominent Injection die and mold manufacturer in Thailand, we are sure to meet any of your requirement for die and mold making.

Thailand used injection molding machines is reliable as any other used machine around the world but, you need to have reliable agent who can support you during trouble times. Our strength is our capability to repair and modify injection molding machines of various sizes, from 18 Tons to 3500 Tons. We can give after sales services, maintenance and machine spare parts efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. So far, our reputation as being an on-time reliable, quality and cost effective supplier has been growing, mostly by word of mouth. Our passion for injection molding shows in our products and in the way we care for our customers.

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